What is it to be self disciplined?

I have so many ideas and goals to accomplish. I think the only thing stopping me is myself. I keep watching success stories and motivational speakers and they all keep saying once you learn how to master self discipline you can conquer anything. Not all of them said the same exact thing but you know what I’m trying to say.

I get motivated and inspired each day I write down my goals and believe in my head that it’s already happening but when I snap back into reality I’m still not making progress towards my goals. I’ve done research about self discipline and found some very interesting information.

Write down your goals. Be serious about what you want to accomplish don’t just write them down and expect magic to happen you have to be determined and dedicated to completing them.

Make a plan for your goals. Once your goals ate written down take a look at them and imagine them already being accomplished. That happy feeling you have

Always have a forward plan. I was watching a motivational speech given by Denzel Washington and he kept hearing people say “ you always should have something to fall back on” But he believed that you should have something to fall forward into because you can’t see what you are falling back on. If it don’t work out then move forward.

Build your self discipline. This is something we aren’t born to do it’s learned behavior. So just like any of other skill you have to learn it and practice it.

Remove fear as an emotion. How can you be scared of something that you never tried? How will you know until you take a risk?

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